We are proud of our operations, facilities and dedicated staff. We invite you to visit Wood Products to witness the production of outstanding American Hardwoods necessary for your demanding needs.

Log Yard

Our logging crews deliver the logs to our yard where they are sorted by specie, grade and length. Wood Products produces Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple, Yellow Poplar, White Ash, and Soft Maple. Wood Products has relationships with mills in Europe, Africa, and South America and offers many import species in addition to our U.S. hardwoods.

Log Yard   Log Yard

Log Yard



To process our wide variety of timber, Wood Products uses a band head-rig coupled to a semi-circle vertical band re-saw operation. The sawmill is completely optimized to eliminate variation and assure precise thickness. Three years ago, the entire sawmill was rebuilt and fully optimized with scanners and software that ensures maximum yield at the highest production levels. The mill is capable of producing 20 million board feet per year.

Main Bandsaw  Main Bandsaw

Main Bandsaw  Mill


Kiln Dried

After the lumber is graded by our highly qualified and experienced graders, it is put up on the lumber yard to air dry. With over 600,000 BF (15,000 cubic meters) of dry kiln capacity, we keep over one million feet of kiln dried lumber in stock.

With two 900,000 board feet fan sheds to compliment the kilns, we are capable of drying 15,000,000 bf per year. One shed has been built with the second planned for this year.

In addition to Wood Products' production of hardwood lumber, the company has a full dimension line producing flooring, panels, cabinetry parts, and mouldings. When we boast of our timberlands being a valuable resource this also applies to any timber waste - of which there is none.

Bark is utilized as mulch for gardens, sawdust is used to fuel our boiler which produces steam for our kilns. All other waste is chipped and sold to fine paper mills. After precise kiln drying our lumber is re-graded, thereby providing additional quality to you our customer.

Kiln Dried  Kiln Dried


Packaging & Shipping

All lumber is packaged for export, tightly strapped, then end-painted and branded with our logo. This attention to packaging assures that our lumber will pass the rigors of international shipping to arrive safely at your destination.

Our customer service, sales and administration departments operate from our production facilities in Oakland Maryland, just 185 miles (290 km) west from the Port of Baltimore.

All forwarding and export documentation are processed in-house by our competent staff. You'll find that many of our staff are multilingual making it more convenient for your business transactions. We consider it a privilege to conduct business in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Mainland China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, and Thailand.